A woman is looking through the lens of an eye test.

Our Services

Dr. Bevacqua, Dr. Wertheimer, and Dr. Shah are board-certified physicians. Dr. Bevacqua and Dr. Wertheimer have performed thousands of surgical and laser procedures.

We are able to provide complete care for the eye, including:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal diseases
  • Diseases of the retina
  • Vision disorders related to the nervous system
  • Exams for glasses and contact lenses
  • LASIK surgery
  • Botox™ for blepharospasm and reduction of wrinkles
  • Laser vision correction

We also provide care for the following eye conditions:

  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Astigmatism
  • Blepharitis
  • Cataracts
  • Chalazions/styes
  • Corneal abrasions
  • Dry eyes
  • Eyelid disorders such as ectropion, entropion, and ptosis
  • Floaters & flashers
  • Fuchs corneal dystrophy
  • General aging of the eye
  • Glaucoma: open & closed angle
  • Iritis
  • Keratoconus
  • Macular degeneration
  • Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy
  • Ocular migraines
  • Pink eye (conjunctivitis)
  • Recurrent corneal erosions
  • Retinal drusen
  • Vitreous detachment

Eye Exams

When you arrive for your first exam, please be sure to bring your glasses, contact lens information (vials or blister packs so our staff can check the size and prescription), and a list of your medications (including eye drops).

During your exam, we will check your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions. Additionally, all patients receive screening for common eye diseases (e.g., cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration).

We provide patients with expert care as our offices are equipped with the latest in diagnostic and surgical technologies.

Emergency Services

You can call our office 24 hrs/day if there is an emergency eye condition. We contract with an after-hour answering service that can contact our doctors or a covering physician if necessary.


Essex Fashion Optical, located in our West Caldwell location, provides the latest in eyewear. We offer the on-site expertise of our licensed optician, Melanie, who has extensive experience in dispensing quality eyewear.

We are proud to offer:

  • Hundreds of frames to choose from
  • The latest designer styles
  • State-of-the-art lenses
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free adjustments and cleaning
A person holding an eye glass in their hand.

Contact Lenses

We offer expert contact lens fittings in our West Caldwell location with our contact lens specialists. Contact lenses can be ordered through our office and sent to your home address.


Botox™ has traditionally been used successfully in ophthalmology for years to treat conditions that cause eyelid spasms. Botox™, more recently, has been FDA-approved for cosmetic reduction of certain facial wrinkles.

Treatment includes injection of botox™ in several locations around the eyes. Effects can be seen within a few days and usually last for approximately 6 months.